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10 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland

Restaurants In Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. The city has over 380 major restaurants which are attractive and unique for dining and associated luxurious services. Most of these restaurants offer traditional Iceland dishes as well as famous and unique international dishes. Looking over the wide range of high quality resturants available for you to visit in Reykjavík there might be more high quality resturants than can fit into our list. This Icelandic Tour Guide blog does leave its own list of resturants you need to visit in Reykjavík so of course our list is just a guide and not something set in strone. Some of the restaurants we thing you need to visit include:

1) Resto

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandArguably, Resto is the best restaurant in Reykjavik. The hotel is associated with Iceland traditions as well as international unique cultures. It has dishes such as different seafood, European dishes, soups, and Scandinavian. The restaurant emphasizes on preparation of special request dishes for its customers. This service encourages many customers to spend their days in Reykjavik in the restaurant.

2) Kol Restaurant

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandFor the comfort food, refreshing drinks, craft cocktail, and friendly waiters and waitress, Kol Restaurant proves to be the best option at Reykjavik. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Tripstar making it to be one of the most visited and well-reviewed restaurant in Reykjavik.

3) Austur-Indiafelagid Ehf

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandThe restaurant focuses on the integration of the Indian tradition into its main operation. At the same time, it uses Icelandic ingredients to prepare its main dishes. However, the restaurant is open to exotic homegrown or imported spices that will attract as well as suit the needs of its customers. Rated at 4.5 on Tripstar, the restaurant proves to be the place to be in Reykjavik.

4) Grillmarkaourinn

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandWith only 177 reviews, the restaurant has amassed a whooping 4.7 rating. It is next to the Grillmarket which is a favorite place for Iceland people and Iceland visitors. The restaurant has a wide variety of farm foods which are mainly from Iceland. Also, it deals with seafood and international dishes.

5) Messinn

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandIt is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Reykjavik. It is nautical themed and a spectacular place to spend a night. With seafood and a wide variety of European dishes, the restaurant is always a destination for many Reykjavik visitors.

6) Kaffivagninn

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandThe restaurant mainly deals with local dishes which include seafood and also agricultural produce meals. According to reviews done by previous visitors, Kaffivagninn is a great restaurant associated with friendly staffs and waiters/waitresses.

7) Vegamot Bistro

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandIt is the destination of many young local people as well as Reykjavik visitors. The restaurant has great and yet cheap foods which vary in types. Also, with a special dish on the menu every day, the restaurant welcomes many visitors who are willing to spend a few days in the town.

8) Kopar Restaurant

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandThe restaurant majorly focuses on the Icelandic ingredients while preparing its meals. Therefore, it provides its visitors with an ample chance to experience and practice the Icelandic tradition through sharing Iceland foods. The restaurant is famously known for its special preparation of the Iceland rock crab which is a seafood type.

9) Snaps

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandWith its Snaps Bistro Bar which is unbiased, the restaurant has massively gained followers and positive reviews. Also, it is famously known for great breakfasts, launch, and even dinner. The restaurant occupies a large area which is sufficient for the whole family or friends groups’ visits.

10) Tapas Barinn

 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik, IcelandEverything is Tapas Barinn menu comes with a discounted and an affordable price. Starting from meals to wines, the restaurant is largely known for its cheap prices as well as top quality and friendly services.


Reykjavik has a large number of top restaurants. Most of these restaurants have been reviewed and ranked on Tripstar among other platforms based on their previous performances. Thus, as you plan to visit this great Iceland city, be sure to select the most suitable restaurant that you will spend your time in while in the city.