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Foods That Are The Best to Intake Vitamin D

Intake Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary for growth and development of healthy bones. It ensures that the body to absorb calcium which is an essential element for healthy bones. Mostly, this vitamin is largely known to be available in sunlight. However, there are several types of natural foods which contain Vitamin D in bulk. These include:

1) Cod Liver Oil

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker Cod liver oil is a major source of Vitamin D. The oil is bulk in fish meat. With a single teaspoonful of cod liver oil, it is possible to supply the body with Vitamin D. the oil contains bulk amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Since Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, the fatty acids in the cod liver oil can comfortably carry it. However cod liver oil is also be saturated with bulky Vitamin A. therefore, do not eat take excess amounts of this oil to prevent side-effects such as skin changes and bone pain.

2) Egg Yolk

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker This is the yellow substance in the middle of the inner egg contents. It contains numerous vitamins in bulk with Vitamin D being one of them. Egg yolk should not be overcooked in order to avoid loss of the vitamins.

3) Beef Liver

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker Liver meat is known to contain bulk amounts of vitamins. Among these vitamins is Vitamin D which is contained in large amounts. However, liver meat should be properly handled since it has high amounts of proteins and other elements which need to be properly cooked before being eaten. Calf liver contains more Vitamin D than the liver of an adult cattle meat.

4) Foods which are Fortified with Vitamin D

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker Many companies have embraced supplementing Vitamin D to their consumers through food fortification. Therefore, these companies have emphasized on enriching their food products with Vitamin D. these include: orange juice, soy milk, cereals, and dairy products such as milk and cheese.

5) Some Mushroom Types

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker This source of Vitamin D was recently discovered. When mushrooms are exposed to UV sunlight rays, they harness Vitamin D which can be transferred to human beings upon eating them. The Dole’s Portobello Mushrooms are a good example of Vitamin D rich mushroom types.

6) Salmon

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker Salmon contains a lot of Vitamin D. Salmons are mainly numerous during rainy seasons. During the rainy seasons, it is easy to catch salmons within the localities. They are found in the water flowing in the local areas during or after rains. In these periods, salmons harness a lot of Vitamin D from the sunlight. Therefore, they can be used to supply the same to the body.

7) Yoghurt and Cheese

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker As a dairy products and favorite snacks for many people, many companies have focused on the fortification of yoghurt and cheese with Vitamin D in a bid to encourage consumers to buy their products. In turn, this provides the consumers with an easy access of Vitamin D which is an essential supplement for the health of the body.


Apart from growth and development of strong bones, Vitamin D also aids in the promotion of effective body immunity. This helps the body to keep away from diseases. The deficiency of Vitamin D may lead to dementia, weak immune system, seasonal depression, weak bones, and even cancer. Therefore, do not solely rely on sunlight for Vitamin D provision. Find different Vitamin D natural food sources in order to supply your body with the necessary amount of this vitamin.