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Healthy Ways to Use Pressure Cooker

Use Pressure Cooker

The use of the pressure cooker is one of the most effective cooking methods. It exploits the power of trapped steam in order to increase pressure. Having stated that, one needs to understand the best ways of cooking with the pressure cooker in a healthy way.

Risks Associated With the Pressure Cooker

There are two main risks that are associated with the pressure cooker. To start with, the explosion of the pressure cookers was a possibility in the first generation pressure cookers. This is because they did not have the built in safety measures that are common among the modern pressure cookers.

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure CookerSecondly, compared to average cooking temperatures, pressure cookers use high temperatures. The consequence is that this can kill some nutrients. However, pressure cookers can still make a healthy broth, and in just a quarter of the time.

All the same, if well used, there is no risk of an explosion. In addition to that, several scientific findings state that pressure cookers have a better ability for the preservation of nutrients than other types of cooking methods.

How to Use the Pressure Cooker in a Healthy Way?

One of the best ways of using the pressure cooker in the right way is making the right choice when buying it in the first place. The modern pressure cooker is safer and easier to use. For example, the handle can double up as a large saucepan thus increasing its versatility. But it still requires that you do research before you buy one. Pressure cookers that are not cheap are better. For instance, they feature a thick base.

If you are looking for a great pressure cooker we recommend theĀ Fissler FSSFIS5854 as great choice that comes with nice features and one pressure cooker reviews blog described it as a very innovative and unique take on the pressure cooker scene, so check that out if you are interested in the best pressure cookers today.

One site that could be of help in buying the best pressure cooker is the Amazon. This is because you can peruse through the product reviews and make an informed decision. You can also compare the various features such as quality and cost.

Healthy Ways to Use Pressure CookerSecond, it is advisable that you purchase a steamer basket or a trivet. The importance with this is that you will be able to prepare ingredients that do not necessarily need to come into direct contact with liquids, steamed pudding for instance.

Third, you can have the best of your pressure cooker by knowing how to cook both hard and soft food. Pressure cookers do not struggle with hard foods, for example tough meat. However, when it comes to soft food such vegetables or fish, then pressure cookers may not do the best cooking. The best way of handling this is through adding the delicate food after cooking and then you simmer.

Fourth, always bear in mind that pressure cookers do wet cooking. Thus, every food should that you are cooking should be having at the minimum, 2 cm of liquid. Again, the liquid does not reduce with time. Thus, simmering is going to help you get the flavor that you want.

Fifth, you got to understand the best ways of dropping pressure. For example, you can opt to let the temperature drop naturally. In other words, as you continue to cook, the pressure drops.

Lastly, the use and maintenance of the pressure cooker is very important. Should you be in need of spare parts, do not hesitate to check them online. If you do not buy them on time, it might be too late to save the damage. Such spare parts include safety valves and gaskets.


The fact that a pressure cooker cooks in less time means that you are going to save on the cost of fuel. It also saves you the cost of buying canned or cooked food. Overall, cooking with a pressure cooker will offer you a healthy and delicious food experience.